Friday, 8 February 2013

My Hummel Journal

I am an avid collector of Hummels with over 40 figurines in my display case. Since I enjoy making my own scrapbook albums I decided why not make a record book that would not only be useful, but be decorative enough to display along with my collection. Well, here it is...

The cardstock has a vintage look to it which is well-suited to these collectibles; the faded colours really allow the photos to "pop".
I like the way it turned out so I started making them for other Hummel collectors. This particular design holds 20 photos, each with a form for documenting, and is available in my Etsy shop ( I also have two other different design available that I haven't posted (one holds 40 photos).
The forms were a lot of fun to design - all of the images of Hummels contained on the cover and the forms are photos I took of some of the figurines in my collection.

Here are a few pics of pages with some of my own photos.

Can't wait for the weekend so I can hit the craftroom again!