Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to make flowers out of lace and ribbon

When I first started paper crafting, I used lots of store-bought flowers. But since embellishments don’t come cheap, I started making my own. In addition to making flowers out of paper, I began making them with fabric and ribbon. Below is a quick tutorial on how I make flowers from lace.

Be forewarned – these flowers are addictive and once you starting making a few, ideas for customizing your own designs will abound. I rarely purchase flowers anymore.

* * * * * * * * *

STEP 1 - Cut approx. 12 inches of lace and fold over lengthwise by about 1/3 of the width.

STEP 2 - Place the lace so that the shorter layer is visible.

STEP 3 - About 1/4 inch from the top edge, at the right end of your lace, insert a sewing needle through the fabric (through the top of the fabric down to the back) and make a running stitch all along the top edge.

STEP 4 - When you get to the end, bring the needle up through the fabric from the back to the front.

STEP 5 - Tie both ends of the thread together with a few knots and distribute the pleats around the center of the flower.

(You now have a flower formed with 2 layers of lace "petals".)

STEP 6 - String together 6 beads that will form the flower's center. Use a long enough piece of thread so you can stitch the beads onto your flower. Leave a "tail" of thread at the end.

STEP 7 - With the top side of the flower facing you, hold the beads against the center of the flower.

STEP 8 - Push the needle down into the lace behind the thread linking two beads (see pic below). Bring the needle back up the center hole. Moving to the next beads, push the needle down and back up through the center. Continue until all beads are tied down.

STEP 9 - When you get to the end, tie the needle end of your thread to the tail where you joined the beads and snip off excess thread.

... and voila! The finished product.

You can add extra layers of lace or ribbon to create a fluffier flower. Instead of beads, gather ribbon the same way and stitch it it to the center of your flower.

I hope you have fun making these!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shabby Chic Scrapbook Page Layouts

Last week I got inspired to start making scrapbook page layouts again. Here are 4 pages I made in a vintage / shabby chic design. I just posted these on Ebay!  Link to my Ebay items