Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tutorial - Combination Crisscross, Slider and Easel Greeting Card

Welcome to my tutorial! I recently created a new style of greeting card where I combine the neat features of a crisscross card, a double slider and an easel card.

The card is made to be displayed upright on the easel. There are two tags in the crisscross portion of the card for the greeting, and the slider opens to reveal 2 photo mats.

This is a very interactive card that makes a great souvenir for a baby shower, wedding, birthday, graduation and so on.

You can download the written tutorial (in PDF format) here.  It includes 26 pages of written instructions, measurements and tons of photos! In it you will also find links to the online videos on my YouTube  channel that show how I create a brand new card from start to finish. I am also including the links to the videos down below.


Video 1 - Making the crisscross card (
Video 2 - Making the slider (
Video 3 - Making the easel (
Video 4 - Making an envelope template and using it to make envelopes (

I enjoyed making his tutorial and I hope you have fun making your own combo greeting cards!


P.S. For those of you who are new to my tutorials, I made this tutorial using the same format as my scrapbook mini album tutorials (although my card tutorial is way shorter!) where I include written instructions that follow along the same steps as in my online videos. I have tutorials on 5 different mini albums I designed and they are available at