Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Vintage Ladies Printables

Vintage Ladies Printables 

I created this digital set using purchased vintage images in beautiful colors. The set includes 12 downloadable PDF files for a total of 42 pages of images ready to be printed on 8-1/2” x 11” (A4) paper or cardstock.

Six different images were incorporated into a variety of formats and colours as follows:
  • "Envelope" boxes in 4 different colours PLUS 1 template with no background color so you can print on the back of your scrapbook paper if you prefer
  • Seed packet envelopes with 6 different images (each image with 4 different color backgrounds for a total of 24 seed packets)
  • 6 Framed images each with 4 different color backgrounds (for a total of 24 framed images)
  • 6 postcards
  • 6 tags
  • Full sheet of 6 images in 1" circles (for bottlecaps, etc.)
  • Full sheet of 6 images in 2" ovals
Below is a video that shows each template and some of the projects I made with this set. If you have difficulties viewing the video, you can see it on my YouTube channel at

A few photos of the templates.


A few projects I made with these printables



You can use this set of printables to make crafts for personal use, or to make crafts you sell at fairs or online. However you are not permitted to resell or give away for free these images either in printed or digital format.

You can purchase these printables from my Etsy shop at't have an Etsy account? No problem - just email me at and I will send you an invoice and the printables by email.

Created with images purchased from Digital Design Boutique.