Thursday, 19 September 2019

Working with printable postage stamps

In the video tutorial below (coming soon - uploading now!), I demonstrate how I enlarge images from my digital postage stamp printables kit to use in my projects. I also demonstrate how to cut different stamp sizes using the same die. Finally I show how to "fine tune" small stamps that are cut using pinking shears.

Click this DOWNLOAD LINK if you would like to print my sample page of already-enlarged stamps.

I hope you find the tips in this video useful!

Printable Postage Stamps Kit

My full set of printables (over 1,000 different stamps in original sizes) is available in the "printables" section of my Etsy shop - look for the listing titled "1190 Vintage World Postage Stamps on 51 Printable Collage Sheets..."

Each of the stamps are different (a few might have the same image but with different denominations). They were scanned from a personal collection at 300 dpi into 51 digital collage sheets. Each collage sheet is in the form of a high resolution JPEG image so that you can crop the sheet to select a particular stamp and resize it to suit your needs.

Only a few of the collage sheets are shown in the photos above - there is a total of 51 sheets! Each collage sheet will fit on 8-1/2" x 11" paper. I tried to arrange the sheets by country as much as possible, so some sheets will have just a few stamps on them, while other countries will consist of 2-4 full collage sheets.

These stamps were used on correspondence so they have the postage marks. I believe most of these are vintage stamps. Some stamps are quite old with some wear and fading, but those specimens make for nice vintage/antique style ephemera - some of the countries have since been re-amalgamated and renamed. Many of the stamps are like small works of art with lots of beautiful, colorful designs.

Stamps originate from:

- Africa: Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Lesotho, Basutoland, Congo, Tunisia, Mozambique, Malagasy, Cameroon, Dahomey, Maroc, Upper Volta, Niger, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Mauritius, Burundi, United Arab Republic, Republic of South Africa, Guyana, Malgache, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Algeria, Zambia
- Middle East: Ajman State, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Oman, Palestine, Liban
- Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia
- Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bohemia-Moravia, Croatia, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jugoslavia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City,
- North America: Canada, Mexico, USA
- Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
- West Indies: Bermuda, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Anguilla, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, British Guiana, Grenadines, Dominica, Cuba
- Central and South America: Brasil, Equador, El Salvadore, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay

Terms of Use: 
You can use this set of digital collage sheets for personal use, or use the images to make handmade completed projects that you resell. However, the collage sheets (as well as the sample sheet provided above) or portions thereof may not be reproduced either in digital or printed format for redistribution for free or for profit. Digital or printed collage sheets may not be resold as part of a kit. If you have any questions about use, feel free to contact me.